About maps

These maps were created as a replacement for the commercial product of Czech Garmin TOPO maps and at the same time from the need for tourist maps for more exotic countries. The project is based on maps from V0174. Additional details have been added, their appearance modified and a universal generator created for any country. You can find more informations about the generator at  GitHub. The result is a detailed map suitable for hiking and biking. It is generated in the form of an installer for BaseCamp (MapSource) or as *.img file for direct use in GPS. Maps are updated irregularly. If you think it is time for another update or you are missing a country, write me an email. If you want to be regularly informed about news, you can use RSS feed. Features:
  • tourist signs including signposts
  • bike paths
  • contour line including altitude data (calculation of the altitude profile of the route works)
  • tourist interesting information (bench, shelter, basket, gate in the fence, …)
  • installer for BaseCamp/MapSource
Comparison with other maps: